Mind Age® clock improves mental health, builds resilience

What is Mind Age®?

Mind Age® clock helps understand and track the aging process at the cognitive and emotional level. A Mind Age clock refers to an individual’s perception of time, which can influence their behaviour, emotions, and overall well-being. It is a subjective experience that varies from person to person and can be influenced by a variety of factors, including age, cultural background, personality, and life experiences.

Using a combination of self-assessment surveys and cognitive testing, our clock measures the Mind Age age of an individual and provides a comprehensive report on their mental health and overall well-being. This information can be used to make lifestyle and healthcare decisions that can improve mental health and well-being as we age.

How Mind Age® works?

  • Psychological Survey filled by the user

  • Mind Age compared to chronological age

  • Interventions from Psychologists and other Experts

  • Tailored content, Tips, Adherence Reminders

  • Repeat the survey and continue to be on the wellness path

Answering the Questionnaire

Answering a few questions in our carefully designed survey will allow our AI algorithm to assess the current mental health of the user and the extent to which their perception of time aligns with their chronological age.

Why it matters?

Our research has shown that poor mental health accelerates pace of aging more than smoking does while a positive attitude and enhanced psychological wellbeing leads to genuine happiness, higher productivity levels, and longevity.

If you want to live longer and be more productive, you cannot ignore mental health.

Mind Age® Report on core Wellbeing Parameters

Who is it for?


Help patients improve their psychological wellbeing and mental resilience. Expand services, improve customer retention and get more revenue.


HR Leadership can now really take care of the employees. Improve the enthusiasm and productivity of the workforce. Mind Age technology can help cultivate a more resilient work culture, keep employees happy, improve productivity and increase talent retention.


Novel customer engagement – offer personalised recommendations for improved mental health and wellbeing based on the psychological profile of a person. Attract more leads and keep customers engaged with a cutting-edge mental health technology.

Mental Health Therapists

Enable patients to evaluate their psychological wellbeing, understand the consequences, and seek help before it’s too late. Attract, inform, motivate, and sign up more patients. 

How it works?

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Mental Health with
A(I) Difference


We understand that every person is unique and there’s no single approach of mental health for any condition. For e.g., anxiety at work can mean different things for different people. Interventions from psychologists include techniques such as time management training, mindfulness practices, and cognitive-behavioural therapy, which can help individuals learn to manage their perception of time and improve their overall well-being.

Our AI algorithm is able to identify the need of every user and offer a unique pathway of wellness. Tailored content, tips, and adherence reminders can be very helpful. For example, personalised reminders or prompts to engage in activities that support mental health and well-being may help individuals stay on track and maintain a sense of balance and control.

The personalisation algorithm is scalable for millions of users and avoids any stereotyping. For example, an intervention for a younger person may focus on developing coping skills and building resilience, while an intervention for an older person may focus on maintaining cognitive function and supporting healthy aging.

Finally, repeating surveys and continuing on a wellness path can help individuals track their progress and identify areas for improvement over time. This can be a helpful way to stay motivated and make lasting changes to improve well-being.

Virtuous circle of mental health and wellness with the help of AI

Ensemble of deep learning models analyses user-submitted questionnaire to provide personalised recommendations that are aimed to increase one’s mental health, resilience and longevity potential. Personalisation improves the acceptability and engagement of the intervention by making it relevant and meaningful to the individual. This can be important as these interventions may require a significant commitment of time and effort from the individual.

Mind Age and Happiness

CEO of Deep Longevity, Deepankar Nayak, speaks at King’s College London

Know more about Mind Age

What is Mind Age?

Mind Age is Deep Longevity’s aging clock that estimates one’s psychological or Lifestyle age based on a psychological / lifestyle questionnaire. A respondent’s answers may be collected online, in person, via a phone interview / contact centre, or printed forms. In addition to a psychological age estimate, respondents will receive useful tips on how to improve their psychological well-being and a complete report on mental health.

What is psychological age?

Human motivations and emotions evolve as people grow older. Some of these psychological trends are so reliable that they may be used to guess one’s current chronological age. Psychological age is thus one’s position in this array of psychological transformations expressed as years of age.

Due to a variety of personal histories and innate tendencies some people go through their aging-related psychological progression faster than others. Unlike biological age, it is not always better to have lower psychological age. One’s life goals and priorities determine if their current psychological age is suboptimal: some people would benefit from adopting a more mature outlook while others might need to become younger at heart.

How is psychological age connected to biological age and health?

Good mental health is an essential part of healthy aging healthy aging. Our research has shown that poor psychological health acelerates one’s biological pace of aging. Some people might actually improve their mental and physical health by adopting a more mature mindset.

How is the Mind Age clock validated?

Mind Age, as well as other aging clocks developed by Deep Longevity, have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals .

Is Mind Age ready and available for clinical and medical uses?

Mind Age is not a diagnostic tool. However, it may be able to assist healthcare professionals for the purposes of initial assessment of psychological state and further progress by monitoring the response of patients to our psychological questionnaire in guided therapies . Some itFuturSelfrations of Mind Age, such as FuturSelf, may also be used as a self-improvement tool without professional oversight.

Our recommendation engine provides personalized tips self-improvement based on an individual’s current mental state assessed with Mind Age.

How does Mind Age use machine learning to calculate psychological age?

Our Mind Age project is an ensemble of deep learning models trained to predict one’s chronological age, mental health risks, and future well-being.

By processing thousands of psychological profiles obtained from public sources such as MIDUS and NHANES with deep learning algorithms, we have created these tools that may be used to gain useful insights on users’ mental health. Making these models available through projects like futurself.ai has allowed us to collect tens of thousands of psychological profiles that we have used to fine-tune Mind Age models.

Currently, the Mind Age project consists of deep neural networks, self-organizing maps, and clustering algorithms that exchange their outputs to parse aging-related trends in human psychology and determine the best course of action for each users based on their background.

How does the Mind Age recommendation engine work?

Self-organizing maps are the foundation of our Mind Age recommendation engine. It is a method of unsupervised learning that groups people on a 2D plane based on the similarity of their psychological profiles. The regions on this map are scored based on the associated risk of mental illness, personal preference, and level of mental well-being. Then, the adjacent high scoring region is picked as the destination point for a user. Once the itinerary for a new user is composed, a curated database of psychological advice is sought for entries that can promote the desired shift in the psychological profile.

Can these recommendations be followed without professional oversight?

Mind Age offers the tools that may be used for self-improvement with no professional guidance. However, we believe that AI-tools cannot replace the nuanced attention a human expert can provide to their patient through one-on-one sessions.

How long does it take to get reports?

Mind Age Summary reports can be generated within minutes after completing the survey. Our team is always there if you run into any problems.

How will patient data be used?

Deep Longevity may use anonymized patient data for further research and fine-tuning of its deep learning models.

Are there any data privacy concerns? Where is Mind Age patient data stored?

We use best-in-class security practices and encryption to secure patient data. All the information-handing is compliant with international and local laws.

The Mind Age aging clock, as well as all the patient data, is stored on Amazon AWS servers.

How to sign up for Mind Age as a Hospital, Lab, or Business?

As of December 2022, Mind Age can be accessed by our commercial partners. Mind Age is currently being integrated into our B2B portal SenoClock.AI and is expected to be released as an extension to it in Feb 2023.

For further inquiries on the commercial availability of Mind Age, reach out to us at [email protected]

Do you provide a trial account for hospitals? How to sign up for the Mind Age free trial?

Yes. We can provide a trial account for hospitals and other businesses that may want to implement Mind Age for their patients, customers, or employees.

Please write to us at [email protected]. Our team will connect you with an expert as soon as possible.

Is it possible to integrate Mind Age with our patient management software and other programs?

Yes. Mind Age can be accessed via API to enable the development of third-party tools and plug-ins for existing software.

How many reports can Mind Age generate in a day?

Mind Age’s throughput is practically uncapped as it is hosted on the cloud.
If you operate at a large scale, please contact us for a special arrangement.