SenoClock Gold – Unique Employee Wellness Platform

Aging clocks based Unique Employee Wellness Approach

Deep Longevity is helping employers improve the health and wellbeing of their employees through a unique longevity SaaS platform where employees can discover their biological age and follow personalised, AI-driven recommendations to improve their physical as well as mental health over time

Preventive Health is a better investment for Employee Wellness

Annual sick days

soar by 41%

Employees now taking nearly 1.4 times as many sick days compared to pre-pandemic times

52% of the entire workforce experiencing stress & anxiety

Workplace led stress and anxiety is well documented across industries, across the world

60% Productivity loss

+ 2X annual

healthcare expenses

Unplanned leaves, delay in schedules, increase in sick-days leading to loss of productivity and jump in healthcare expenses

Access Premium Employee Benefits

Employees can track physiological and mental health through dashboards only accessible to them keeping privacy at core

Employees manage mental health by following wellbeing scores determined through psychological questionnaires

Employee can discover Biological Age, different Organ Health Scores and receive personalized health recommendations

Employees fill psychological questionnaire to determine their psychological profile and uplift mental resilience

Employees can see detailed recommendations (and also enter their actions on follwing the recommendations – coming soon!)

Detailed recommendations to improve mental health of the Employees (and ability to journal actions – coming soon!)

Only platform offering Employers insight on overall organisation’s health

Employers have aggregate view on biological age for the entire organisation, tracking it over years as a proxy for health

Employers have aggregate view on wellbeing parameters for the entire organisation, tracking as a proxy for mental wellbeing

HR Admins can send customised emails to different employee groups from templates within the platform.

HR Admins can bulk upload employees and manage onboarding, off-boarding easily

Early Warning System

Help identify ”at-need” employee population proactively by identifying the “fast-agers” using Blood Age as an early warning system. Blood Age takes into account various blood biomarkers to provide an accurate representation of an individual’s aging process giving timely alerts about potential health risks. Employees can take proactive steps based on personalised diet, exercise, lifestyle, supplement recommendations to extend years of vitality and longevity.

Prioritise Mental Health

Mind Age is a groundbreaking approach to enhance the well-being and resilience of employees with the help of a psychological survey. Mind Age provides a psychological profile across six wellbeing parameters that assesses an individual’s mental and emotional well-being. AI-driven recommendations improve resilience and mental wellbeing helping employees to cope better with everyday life, stress and anxiety.

Continuous Improvement

Join us in harnessing the power of aging clocks and personalised recommendations powered by AI to empower your employees and create a more resilient, thriving, and harmonious work environment. Our deep learning algorithms analyses physical and mental attributes to create tips and recommendations that provides personalised pathways for each employee. There’s always a higher peak and a better version of current selves that each person can strive for.

Privacy by Design

Embracing a privacy-centric ethos, our cutting-edge technology operates on the principle of safeguarding employee personal information and ensuring that data remains confidential and secure throughout the engagement with our platform. Our technology has been meticulously built to prioritise privacy, from robust encryption protocols to stringent data access controls. Summary level indicators can be shared with the employer based on a company’s requirements.

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