Transforming Life & Health Insurance Underwriting & Customer Engagement

The use of aging clocks in the insurance industry is a growing area of interest, as these tools can help insurance companies better understand and predict the risk of age-related health issues. There are several types of aging clocks that may be of interest to the insurance industry, including:

    • Blood aging clocks: These measure changes in the blood markers that are associated with aging and highlights anomalies for corrective actions

    • Psychological aging clocks: These measure changes in mental well-being and resilience that may be impacted by aging. Psychological profile is created across several wellbeing parameters and personalised recommendations issued too improve mental resilience and wellbeing.

    • Microbiome aging clocks: These measure changes in the makeup and diversity of the microbes that live in and on our bodies.

By using these aging clocks, insurance companies can gain a better understanding of the factors that may impact an individual’s risk of age-related health issues. This can help them more accurately assess the risk of insuring someone and potentially tailor insurance policies to better meet the needs of their clients.

Biological Age prediction for underwriting

Deep Longevity offers multiple aging clocks to generate Biological Age that can be used by Health & Life Insurance companies to underwrite risk

Improve risk assessment

The pace of aging in humans is linked with the overall health which in turn drives the risk of adverse and mortality events.

Aging clocks are a brilliant add-on for actuarial models.

Blood Age clocks

Enable more accurate and personalised underwriting with Blood Age — our most extensively studied aging clock. Mapping 45 biomarkers to create a holistic view of aging.

Insurers have a concrete measure of risk with user’s Blood Age that can be directly used in place of Chronological Age

Mind Age clocks

Insurance companies can look to manage mental health and wellbeing of its employees and customers using Deep Longevity’s psychological aging clocks, wellbeing report and AI driven recommendations.

Our latest research reveals that poor psychological state accelerates the pace of aging and it actually outweighs the detrimental effect of smoking.

Continuous Underwriting

Continuous underwriting is increasingly becoming a reality as customer data is made available through wearables and other non-intrusive means. This will enable insurers to offer individualised policies.

The challenge in front of the insurance industry is to make sense of the various health parameters to create a unified model that identifies risk at an individual level and use it in mainstream underwriting to provide personalized plans.

Blood Age clock can be useful in quantifying overall health into a single number and highlighting risks associated with a higher pace of aging.


Seamless integration through APIs. Technology can be made available within existing app infrastructure of insurers in a white label fashion.

Thought Leadership

Blood age clocks can revolutionise the insurance underwriting process

Psychological Age – Going beyond Age & Tobacco in Insurance Underwriting – Mental Health & Psychological Age is more important than Smoking