Rich ecosystem of partners collaborating in the field of longevity

Our Clients


Ani Biome

Ani Biome has partnered with Deep Longevity, to develop innovative nutrition solutions to prevent aging.

The partnership enhances Ani Biome’s capabilities to provide personalised and effective solutions to promote healthy longevity.


Chi Longevity

Chi Longevity is a game-changer in the field of longevity, offering innovative solutions to enhance the health span of individuals.

The centre’s partnership with Deep Longevity further strengthens its commitment to improving the quality of life of individuals in Singapore and worldwide.

Longevity Center

Longevity Center is a pioneering establishment that seamlessly combines state-of-the-art medicine, advanced technology, and compassionate person-centered care. Their mission is to empower individuals to embrace a longer, healthier life filled with vitality and joy.

As part of their unwavering commitment to longevity and well-being, Longevity Center has integrated Deep Longevity’s innovative aging clocks, enhancing their ability to accurately assess and optimize health for each individual.


Biolytica is a company offering a holistic view of personal healthcare with its Nexus platform integrating various types of biodata. Biolytica’s clients can build a healthy lifestyle with the help of professional consultants who will consider their genetic and other predispositions to provide personalised health advice.

Biolytica and Deep Longevity collaborate to further enhance their data-driven approach for healthy longevity.

House of Gaia

House of Gaia is a haven for seekers of longevity, providing a remarkable destination that tailors a healthy lifestyle to the needs and desires of its customers.

They have partnered with Deep Longevity to bring cutting-edge technologies, research-backed strategies, and a shared vision to extend lifespan and enhance well-being.

Qatar Insurance

QIC-DVP, an entity of QIC Group, the leading insurance provider in the Qatar and MENA region, has launched E-Motion with Deep Longevity.

It will enable the populace to measure their psychological age, improve mental health, and increase longevity from the comfort of their home.

Sheba Medical Center

Based in Israel, Sheba Medical Center is a comprehensive medical facility with 159 departments and clinics, serving over a million patients annually. Committed to prioritizing individual needs, they provide patient-centric, compassionate, and personalized care while continually improving world-class medical services.

Embracing innovation in healthcare, Sheba has incorporated Deep Longevity’s Blood Age clock into their practices. This cutting-edge tool offers crucial insights from patients’ blood reports, enabling their physicians to advise individuals on living longer and sustaining healthier organs.

VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center

With over 20 years of experience, VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center in Bangkok is a dedicated team of global scientific experts and healthcare professionals. They focus on advancing innovative therapies using the latest research and technology to empower individuals in leading healthy and long lives. The center’s mission revolves around providing personalized approaches to address the aging process and improve overall well-being.

In their pursuit of transforming healthcare, VitalLife has integrated SenoClock into their patient care protocol, aiming to provide more effective and tailored longevity strategies for their patients.

Garner Industries

Garner Industries, headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a renowned manufacturing company with a legacy dating back to its establishment in 1953. Specializing in precision machining and plastic injection molding, the company has solidified its position as a leading provider of custom manufacturing solutions.

Garner Industries is set to integrate Blood Summary Reports as part of the annual health checkup of their employees to enhance their lifestyle and healthspan . This forward-looking initiative underscores the company’s commitment to employee well-being by leveraging innovative technology for personalized lifestyle improvements.

Experience the power of Deep Longevity’s aging clocks to help your clients, customers & employees achieve optimal health, productivity, and longevity.

  • Our state-of-the-art technology enables your clients and team members to unlock unprecedented levels of human potential
  • By collaborating with us, you can gain access to SenoClock, which hosts all of our aging clocks.
  • Exclusive insights into the science of aging
  • Get an accurate assessment of an individual’s biological age, identify potential health risks, and develop personalized preventive care strategies.
  • Address mental health proactively with our Mind Age clock that can be scaled for the entire organisation

Academic Collaborations

Deep Longevity has co-published a number of research papers and reviews on the biomarker of aging with scientists from such respected institutions as Stanford University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Harvard Medical School, and University of Liverpool

The scope of our academic interests includes transcriptomic, metagenomic, and epigenetic footprints of aging. We are also open to academic collaborations in the fields of mental health and clinical anti-aging therapeutics. All our research is ultimately translational and we seek partnerships that will allow us to validate our findings in real-life settings.

Technology Partners

Want to Partner with Deep Longevity ?

Unlock the potential of longevity research and innovation by partnering with Deep Longevity. As a leading authority in the field of aging and longevity, Deep Longevity is actively seeking collaborations with academic institutions, research centers, and industry leaders. By joining forces, we can advance scientific knowledge, develop groundbreaking technologies, and revolutionize the future of healthcare. Together, let’s pave the way for longer, healthier lives and make a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals worldwide. Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities with Deep Longevity and embark on a transformative journey towards a brighter, age-defying future.