Revolutionizing Consumer Health: Our Longevity Research Platform Drives Product Innovation

We are committed to helping individuals improve their health and well-being through cutting-edge AI technology. Our aging clocks will help Consumer Health companies engage with individuals and help them achieve their health goals and maintain optimal wellness. They can use our AI algorithms to analyse various health markers and provide personalised recommendations for improving overall health and longevity.

By using our aging clocks, individuals can monitor the effectiveness of lifestyle changes, diet, and exercise on their overall health, gain a better understanding of their biological age, be motivated to make positive changes and take proactive steps to improve their health and increase their lifespan.

Nutritional Supplements

Latest supplements formulated on the best scientific research are designed to support various aspects of health, including brain health, cardiovascular health, and immune function. We can help companies measure the effect of their products in their consumers.

Personalised Nutrition is becoming popular. Consumers understand that every person has unique metabolism and genetic makeup and therefore would benefit from nutrition that is personalised.

Deep Longevity’s aging clocks provide personalised recommendations for improving health and longevity based on an individual’s unique biological age and health status. Our Blood and Microbiome clocks link Lifestyle and Diet and provide recommendations for healthy living.

Prevention and Wellness

Consumer Health companies can focus on prevention and wellness, rather than just treating symptoms. For example, changes in Epigenetic Age have been linked to an increased risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and other conditions.

By identifying areas of concern early on, our technology can help consumers take step to prevent health issues from developing in the first place. This can lead to better overall health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

By providing a concrete measure of their biological age, individuals can see the impact that their choices are having on their health.

Personalised Health Solutions

Our cutting-edge technology offers a comprehensive approach to personalised health solutions. By utilising advanced algorithms to measure a person’s Blood Age, Mind Age, and Epigenetic Age, our technology provides a detailed and holistic view of an individual’s health.

This information can help Consumer Health companies develop targeted products, subscription plans, and services that are tailored to the specific needs of each individual. By identifying areas that require attention, our technology can help Consumer Health companies deliver highly personalised health solutions that are optimised for optimal outcomes.

The AI algorithms have the capability to detect early onset of diseases and can advise on getting diagnostic tests done if adverse signals are detected. Companies can partner with physicians and nutritionists, experts and enthusiasts, influencers and experimenters, to drive a holistic health approach.

Change in biological age provides insights into a person’s long-term health outlook. We can help consumers develop proactive health plans that are designed to promote wellness and prevent disease.

Gain a competitive edge in the market by making our aging clocks core to your business strategy