Revolutionizing Blood Reports: Empowering Labs with Blood Age clock

New Reports, Visualisation, New Business Drivers

Blood Reports have a wealth of information that is hidden from consumers and patients. Exposing this information in a visual manner will aid the conversation between the physician and the patient.

Giving control to the customer

People keep the best health when they are in control of their health and understand the cause and effect of their actions. Blood report is the easiest way to track and measure health objectively.

Our SenoClock Blood Summary reports provide in-depth information on blood biomarkers, predict biological age, highlight markers that are aging and anti-aging, create unique organ health scores and provide personalised recommendations towards longevity and better health.

Innovation in Blood Reports

While Insurers or Consumers pay for the blood reports, the reports are designed and built keeping the physician in mind. Most Diagnostic labs create reports that list blood biomarkers, values, ranges in a tabular form which doesn’t explain anything to the layman, the patient or consumer.

With the SenoClock Blood Summary, the patient or consumer can easily make out which biomarkers are showing anomalies, find a report that is easily readable and begin a journey of longevity.

Attract more clients

Diagnostic companies have an opportunity to take a direct to consumer or a more evolved B2B2C model from the traditional B2B business model. They are able to do this without diluting the valuable medical information sought by doctors.

Blood Summary Report vs Clinical Blood Report

Vanilla Clinical Blood Report

Standard blood reports are dry and the information is very hard for patients to understand without a physicians help.

Highly visual SenoClock Blood Summary Report

Easy to understand, highly visual blood summary reports helping patients and consumers take greater control of their health and engage meaningfully with physicians.