Improve wellbeing of large populations using scalable Longevity Solutions

Managing and Improving Population Health using AI

Governments need scalable, inexpensive, personalised technology that can be deployed rapidly to manage aging, longevity and health of the population. Preventative health measures at a population level can bring significant savings in the cost of healthcare. Deep Longevity’s Blood Age and Mind Age clocks, available over the cloud, are powerful technologies that can assist Governments in keeping its citizens healthy

Giving control to the citizen

People remain healthy when they are in control of their health and understand how their health is progressing with time. Raising awareness about health to the point where people will actually take actions to become healthier is tricky because there needs to be the right trigger.

Aging clocks are very powerful motivators in driving action towards better health. It’s important for citizens to know whether they are at par, ahead or falling ahead the rest of the population in their cohort and this, in turn, can trigger an active interest in health and following recommendations to stay and age healthy.

Blood Age as an objective measure of health and aging

Blood Age is the easiest way to track and measure health objectively. Using a standard clinical blood report as an input, every citizen would know exactly where they stand with respect to their age group.

Most Diagnostic labs create reports that list blood biomarkers, values, ranges in a tabular form which doesn’t explain anything to the layman, the patient or consumer.

Our SenoClock Blood Summary reports provide in-depth information on blood biomarkers, predict biological age, highlight markers that are aging and anti-aging, create unique organ health scores and provide personalised recommendations towards longevity and better health.

Deep Longevity is looking to work with Governments across the world to build recommendations that are localised for the countries, regions and specific populations though our current database of recommendations are highly effective in driving improved outcomes already.

Highly visual Blood Summary Report

Psychological Aging is key for mental resilience and physical health

Mental Health is soon going to become the biggest health challenge in front of governments, even bigger than cardiovascular or cancer diseases.

At the same time, there’s an opportunity to take a preventative approach with mental health to influence physical health and longevity as well.

Deep Longevity’s research has shown that psychological age has a direct bearing on physical age and that poor psychological state accelerates the pace of aging, even more than smoking does.

Hence, it becomes critical to first measure psychological age and then use AI to create personalised wellbeing pathways to improve resilience and mental health.

Wellbeing Report to build resilience

Attract more citizens to the idea of longevity and better health

Governments have an opportunity to approach citizens directly with valuable physical and mental health tools in the form of Deep Longevity aging clocks. They are able to do this without diluting the valuable medical information provided by doctors.

Aging clocks will be able to generate a viral interest in citizens encouraging them to manage health on their own.

Communication and Awareness

The concept of biological age and knowing where one stands with respect to their chronological age might be daunting for some people. However, with the right communication, advertising and public relations exercise, interest and awareness can be created to make citizens participate in a pilot study that would aim to significantly improve their health and wellbeing.

Technology enabled support Ecosystem

Simple lifestyle changes, focussing on both physical and mental health at the same time, tracking those changes over time, can improve health and longevity. However, the challenge is in sticking to a regimen or practice over time. It needs discipline, support and recognition.

Building a technology ecosystem that provides advice, recommendations, community support, access to experts, encouragement, fun and entertainment would be essential in keeping large sections of the population engaged and adherent.