Enhance Patient Wellbeing with Insights from SenoClock Longevity Platform for Clinics

Leverage Biological clocks for tracking patient health

Deep Longevity has launched a SaaS portal called SenoClock which will allow Hospitals and Clinics to generate biological age for different data types within minutes.

Transform Your Longevity Clinic with Cutting-Edge Health Solutions

We empower longevity clinics with advanced tools and personalized recommendations to enhance their services. Our tailored diet plans and lifestyle recommendations help clinics provide more accurate and effective longevity solutions. By refining health metrics, we support clinics in aligning patients’ biological and chronological ages, promoting long-term wellness and improved health outcomes. Our services enable clinics to offer comprehensive and personalized care, ensuring that patients achieve their longevity goals through informed and optimized health strategies. Contact us to elevate your clinic’s offerings and support your patients in their journey to better health and extended longevity.

Biological clocks as a key Diagnostic indicator

It’s time for physicians to embrace biological clocks as a core indicator of organ health.

Deep Longevity’s Blood Age clocks looks at the entire blood profile to assess the pace of aging.

The Psychological aging clock is the perfect tool to measure and evaluate mental health and engage with patients to help build mental resilience.

Patient First

Biological age prediction is accompanied by a detailed, personalised report which provides recommendations on improving health measures. This makes it easier for the physician to carve a treatment that is specific for each patient.

Poor Mental Health is worse than Smoking

Our latest research reveals that poor psychological state accelerates the pace of aging and it actually outweighs the detrimental effect of smoking.

While mental health is being given it’s due importance lately, it’s direct effect on physical health has been established in our research. Deep Longevity psychological clocks will give physician a fantastic measure to improve both physical and mental health.


Learn about Longevity

We have created a free course to educate physicians about longevity. Join us in making longevity and biological clocks an integral part of modern healthcare.


Providers own the data

Each Provider will have a dedicated instance where anonymised patient data can be uploaded.

Secure & Private

SenoClock is hosted in AWS and all the data is stored securely with encryption.